Music Composition & Sound Design


Froothie Optimum 9400

Who said you can’t make music with a food blender?

All the sounds in this video were sampled from the blender and mashed together to produce this short but sweet piece of food music.

Dead Island Riptide – Trailer rescore

Got a new Seagull S6 acoustic guitar the other day and wanted to put it to use so I found this trailer online. I’m really impressed with the Dead Island trailers, they really pull at the heart strings. Anyway I thought I’d rescore this, not that there’s anything wrong with the original music, just wanted to try something different.

Sound and Foley by Leith Atia of Audioboy Productions. 

Audioboy Production Logo Sting

A logo sting I whipped together.

Under the Weather Wendy

My daughter was asked to review this colour in picture book just prior to its release on World Book Day (2014). Rather than just take a few snapshots of the finished book, we decided to turn it into a narrated video, narrated of course by my daughter. Not only do we hope that we made a few kids around the world giggle, but it was also a great opportunity to pass on some basic Foley skills to my daughter, who actually seemed quite interested!

If you’re interested, you can check out the whole review over at my wife’s blog. You can also find a download link to the book there.

The book was written and illustrated by Kate Edmunds.

Narrated by Amelie.

Music and sound by Leith Atia of Audioboy Productions.

Time Machine

This is a rescore of the opening title of a BBC mini series called ‘Time Machine’. It was scored for a media course I took.

Music by Leith Atia of Audioboy Productions.

My Tutu Is Awesome

This is my daughter’s music video debut… it’s also her very first song! She recently received a pretty cool tutu to review and enlisted my help to review it. A little bit of manic singing and some video footage later we ended up with this short video. We had a blast producing it and we hope you enjoy it too!

Lyrics and vocals by Amelie.

Music by Leith Atia of Audioboy Productions.